If you are reading this… you’re probably like us, and you know how important it is to MIND THE FONT®. Some claim they can’t even really tell the difference between fonts, but we know. 


Ohhhh, we know.


The choice of one font over another comes down to terms of personality, legibility, overall impression, color, weight, even the time it takes to translate and process the font’s meaning. It’s a lot like the choice of one brand over another when shopping.


There are six key typographic factors that differentiate fonts: face, kerning, line length, leading, size, and contrast. This is the stuff of Font Geeks, and WE ARE THOSE geeks.


When we work to solve your brand’s design, we are working to drive the choice of your brand over another.   We mind all the factors that work to establish your brand’s distinctive personality and overall impression in market. 

We mind the concept.

We mind the process.